Where to begin? I was born sometime in the late twentieth century in a place where many people live. It’s called a city. Maybe you’ve heard of it. No? At this point it should be apparent that I don’t wish to share my place and date of birth. Anyway, I have been fascinated with the female form as far back as I can remember, when I was in the first grade. A classmate had just finished coloring a picture of Princess Adora before cutting it out the page. Noticing my fascination with this cartoon character, which later turned out to be He-Man’s female counterpart She-Ra, my classmate waved the figure at me with no intention of sharing the coloring book. So, I decided to take the paper figure while she wasn’t looking. Naughty! I kept that figure under my pillow without really knowing why. Neither did my parents. It went missing the following day I assumed one of my parents discarded it. They were a bit traditional, but understanding like Noah Levenstein from the American Pie franchise.

Growing up, I have developed an interest in other female cartoon characters like Jessica Rabbit, Holli Would from the film Cool World, and Red Hot Ridding Hood. Much of my free time was spent drawing my own female characters, in addition to depictions of passenger trains in urban settings. This culminated to a 36-drawing visual narrative for my senior show, which was based on an urban legend and featured many depictions of scantly-clad women. Having graduated from university and taking on intermittent employment, I was able to pursue my passion for the female form through drawings. Years later, I picked up a camera and began photographing models. Today, I have a large portfolio of high-quality drawings, and a large collection of photos that I will share with visitors and members of this website.