Anna Niebrzydowski’s Nude Pictorial

Anna Niebrzydowski

The photo above is really nothing more than just a teaser for the following shots…

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Can’t see? There are four additional private photos featuring Polish model Anna Niebrzydowski. She’s only wearing leggings and leg warmers, which is a rather uncommon combination. I’ve seen a few girls pull this look off before, but with more clothing. It’s cute, and rather sexy if they’re wearing skin tight jeans with a colorful pair of socks or leg warmers. I wonder if the look has yet to catch on, or if it was a fad that died so quickly that I didn’t realize it was just a fad.

Anyway, the first shot clearly shows Anna wearing leggings and leg warmers with platform heels. Her left foot is resting on the base of the fireplace. Afterwards, she pulls her leggings down for the second and third photo to reveal her tiny white Wicked Weasel panties. I’d say these are my favorite photos from the shoot, which clearly illustrate Anna’s ability to pose elegantly without relinquishing her sex appeal.