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Alexis Talya Has Nice Legs

I can’t be bothered to write anything about this because in this case pictures are worth

Anna Niebrzydowski in Thigh-high Socks

I had a hard time editing these pics, not because of something technical with the shots,

How to Wear a Short Skirt in the Winter

It’s winter, and I can’t think of a better way for a girl with legs for

It’s Winter: Time for Thigh-high Socks

It’s cold outside… really cold. So what! A girl can still look and feel sexy by

What to Wear Under Those Skintight Leggings

Wearing granny panties under those leggings is a travesty, or crime against fashion, especially if the

Leggings ARE Pants… Sometimes

Imagine a beautiful girl taking a casual stroll in the urban jungle on a warm day,

Alexis Talya’s Cotton-clad Legs

The primary reason why I got into glamour photography was because I felt that I wasn’t

How NOT to Sit in Public

Have you ever seen a girl sitting “comfortably” in a public place, wearing so little that there

Leggings are Devine

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the heat has to go. It’s time for all

Lexi Wearing Thigh-high Leg Warmers

Wow! Lexi looks sexy in thigh-high leg warmers. Lexi looks like she’s having fun in the

Cali Logan Wearing Short Shorts and Leg Warmers

I have finally gotten around to editing and posting some pics of gorgeous model Cali Logan

It’s summer: Time for short shorts!

It’s hot outside. Now would be a good time to post some pics of girls in

Cali Logan in Thigh-high Socks Pt. 2

You know it’s bedtime when you see a sexy girl like Cali Logan standing at the

Stephy C in Leg Warmers and Heels

Stephy C looks so stunning wearing leg warmers and high heels that I felt compelled to

Jessi June Wearing Over-the-Knee Socks Pt. 2

Check out these never-before-seen pics of model Jessi June wearing long creamy socks. They’re made of cotton

Lauren Leigh in Thigh-high Socks

Finally! I have gotten around to editing some photos from a shoot with model, Lauren Leigh.

Hollis Ireland Wearing Green Thigh-High Socks

There are three images available for members in this post, not including the sample image shown

Christina in Leg Warmers and Little Else

There are three additional images in this post. Christina starts off with her back towards the

Kylie Kohl Wearing Leggings as Pants!

Kylie was lounging in her dorm room wearing skin tight leggings and knee-high socks. The leggings

Bailey Devonish’s Nude Pictorial

She's definitely limber when it comes to trying out different poses. At one point, Bailey bends