Jessi June’s Nude Pictorial

Jessi June NudeFinally! I took the time to edit some nude photos of Jessi June in all sorts of different outfits. There are four different photos, all too risqué to show in the public blog. I’m absolutely fond of the first shot! Jessi is sitting in a comfy chair wearing a different sweater, with the buttons undone and without a bra. Her right leg is resting on the arm of the chair, and she’s wearing pink knee-high socks. The second shot is very similar to the photo found in an older post. However, Jessi is wearing long yellow thigh-high socks while sitting in another chair with her legs crossed. Her right foot is resting on the edge of the seat, proving that she is limber when it comes to posing. There’s a slight change in wardrobe for the two remaining shots: Jessi is now wearing the long yellow socks just bellow her knees. The final photo is a close-up of Jessi leaning over on the seat of the chair. I’ll leave the rest to the imagination.

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