Hollis Ireland Wearing Super Stripes

Hollis Ireland Thigh-High SocksThe photos above clearly show how gorgeous Hollis Ireland looks wearing really long thigh-high socks. The first shot is certainly the more erotic of the two. Hollis is laying on her side with her right leg open and bent at the knee. Her right foot is resting on the surface of the bed. She’s wearing really long thigh-high socks and nothing else except beads around her neck.

Sock Dreams offers a variety of socks in terms to length, color, texture, pattern, and fabric. Some merely cover a wearer’s toes, while some socks are so long that they’ll completely cover a wearer’s thighs. Moreover, they offer their own line of domestically manufactured socks dubbed “Dream Stockings”, which includes the “Super Stripes”showcased in this post.

Hollis Ireland Wearing Thigh-High Socks

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