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How NOT to Sit in Public

Have you ever seen a girl sitting “comfortably” in a public place, wearing so little that there

Lexi Wearing Thigh-high Leg Warmers

Wow! Lexi looks sexy in thigh-high leg warmers. Lexi looks like she’s having fun in the

Cali Logan Wearing Short Shorts and Leg Warmers

I have finally gotten around to editing and posting some pics of gorgeous model Cali Logan

Stephy C in AA Legwarmers and WW Panties Pt. 2

This post contains six never-before-seen pics of Stephy C wearing a pulled-up purple shirt, tiny florescent

Stephy C in Leg Warmers and Heels

Stephy C looks so stunning wearing leg warmers and high heels that I felt compelled to

Christina in Leg Warmers and Little Else – Part 2

There are four photos of Christina wearing leg warmers, a short pleated skirt and little else in

Jess Robinson’s Nude Pictorial

It’s better late than never! Here are some never-before-seen pictures from my photo shoot with Jess

Anna’s Nude Pictorial Part 2

This is a followup to my original Anna Niebrzydowski post. There are four photos in this post

Christina in Leg Warmers and Little Else

There are three additional images in this post. Christina starts off with her back towards the

Anna Niebrzydowski’s Nude Pictorial

Afterwards, she pulls her leggings down for the second and third photo to reveal her tiny

Stephy C in AA Legwarmers and WW Panties

Her bright florescent green leg warmers by AA are rather distracting, even with her dark purple

More Alexis Talya

Updated: December 24th, 2011 Here are some more photos of Alexis for those of you who

Alexis Talya in Short Shorts and Legwarmers

A model left a “tag” on my wall at ModelMayhem.com stating that the photo of the

Cali Logan in Really Short Shorts

Updated on January 9th, 2011: Another photo was added to show-off Cali’s leg warmers… She’s also

Jess Robinson Wearing Rainbow Leg Warmers

Somewhere over the rainbow there’s a girl wearing leg warmers and little else!

Short Skirt and Leg Warmers!

Updated: August 24th, 2011; I thought this post could use a shot that emphasizes her leg