Leggings as Pants Archive

What to Wear Under Those Skintight Leggings

Wearing granny panties under those leggings is a travesty, or crime against fashion, especially if the

Leggings ARE Pants… Sometimes

Imagine a beautiful girl taking a casual stroll in the urban jungle on a warm day,

Leggings are Devine

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the heat has to go. It’s time for all

Lexi’s Nude Pictorial

This post has three never-before-seen sexy pics of blonde model Lexi wearing cream-colored leggings and nothing

Kylie Kohl Wearing Leggings as Pants!

Kylie was lounging in her dorm room wearing skin tight leggings and knee-high socks. The leggings

Anna Niebrzydowski’s Nude Pictorial

Afterwards, she pulls her leggings down for the second and third photo to reveal her tiny

Betsy Wearing Leggings as Pants

Well… She’s sort of wearing leggings as pants. It was hard to decide if Betsy looked

Jess Robinson Wearing Leggings as Pants!

Updated on January 18th, 2011: I noticed there’s a “leggings as pants” pandemic going on, at