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How to Wear a Short Skirt in the Winter

It’s winter, and I can’t think of a better way for a girl with legs for

Alexis Talya’s Cotton-clad Legs

The primary reason why I got into glamour photography was because I felt that I wasn’t

How NOT to Sit in Public

Have you ever seen a girl sitting “comfortably” in a public place, wearing so little that there

Lexi Wearing Thigh-high Leg Warmers

Wow! Lexi looks sexy in thigh-high leg warmers. Lexi looks like she’s having fun in the

Christina in Leg Warmers and Little Else – Part 2

There are four photos of Christina wearing leg warmers, a short pleated skirt and little else in

Cali Logan Wearing a Really Short Skirt

There are three images for members to see in this post. The first two images are probably

Christina in Leg Warmers and Little Else

There are three additional images in this post. Christina starts off with her back towards the

Kylie Kohl in a Short Skirt and Thigh-High Socks

Indeed! Most girls wear short skirts to show off their legs, so it probably wouldn’t make

She’s Wearing a Short Skirt in Public

These photos are from one of my earlier shoots in 2008, and I still consider it

Alexis Talya in a Short Skirt and Thigh-High Socks

That’s right! Alexis is wearing very long thigh-high socks by Sock Dreams, so long that they

Classy and Sexy

Updated: September 14th, 2011 Most say my work is classy-sexy, and I’m inclined to agree after

Short Skirt and Leg Warmers!

Updated: August 24th, 2011; I thought this post could use a shot that emphasizes her leg