Tiffani Amadora’s Nude Pictorial

Tiffani Amadora Thigh-High SocksTiffani, a brunette, is topless in all four photos featured in this post. The first shot is my favorite: She’s reclined on a bed wearing only knee-high plaid leg warmers and small black panties by Wicked Weasel. Her right leg is open and bent at the knee with her foot touching her left knee. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

The second and fourth photo illustrates the geometry of the location itself, which offered a few spots for Tiffani to lounge around. Here, she’s laying on a flat permanent surface perpendicular to the wall in the background. Less is more! I like these shots because there’s nothing to distract the viewer’s attention away from Tiffani’s voluptuous body. She’s wearing white thigh-high socks with one yellow stripe in between two green stripes, and small white panties by WW. The white wardrobe draws the viewer’s attention to her smooth bare thighs. I would be kidding myself to say I choose the wardrobe primarily to emphasize Tiffani’s sporty personality. I didn’t ask if she liked sports, but I got that impression when I studied her portfolio before recruiting her for a photo shoot.

The third shot is rather simple to describe. She’s in a standing pose with her right hand pressed against her waist. Her side is facing the camera to show-off her voluptuous body. I’d give a better description for this photo, but I have already said enough for one post. See these photos for yourself!

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