What to Wear Under Those Skintight Leggings

Wearing granny panties under those leggings is a travesty, or crime against fashion, especially if the girl is rocking those tight leggings as pants. Here’s a fashion suggestion for fit lovely ladies: Go commando! Just kidding (not really). 😉 The next best thing is a teeny tiny thong. A postage-stamp-sized thong can help a girl sport a pair of skintight leggings without giving a hint that she’s wearing underwear.

Gorgeous model Jess Robinson spells out exactly how to wear leggings as pants. It looks almost as if those leggings are sprayed on. The following gallery, which has five pics, shows just how tiny those panties really are. Jess is laying on her back with her leggings pulled down, or should I say up?

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